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Charles Rizk is well known for his work as the architect of several in and outsite Faqra with his conceptualizing and execution of several project such as villas, schools (Antonine international school, university (Antonine )and residential complexes. "We should mainly respect the charm of the context, take advantage of the magnificent view while at same time, assure the luxury and the comfort of the person who chooses Faqra Hills for that reason". This was what he first said about "his new born"

|Charles Rizk

|Associated Mechanical Engineers AME


Maroun Breidy founded Spirit Design Group in 1995, and believes that "Every man's work, be it literature, music, photography, architecture or anything else,is always a portrait of himself" (Samuel Bulter). That's why he continuously aspires towards perfection in all his designs, projects and achievements and strives to give an artistic shape to beauty, elegance and refinement. The purelines of Spirit Design Group architectural sketches are the reflection of a spirit that aims towards absolute genuiness.

|Maroun Breidy

|Mazen Sayyed

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