chalet for sale lebanon

Anyone who needs to spend vacation with their guests will use the hotel rooms.

The hotel occupy the center of the project, a two-block building each composed of three levels, a large space reserved for the gym and itís annexes, fully equipped to provide the ultimate gym experience for our athletic guest.

The hotel also enjoys a private external swimming pool with 1200m≤ of public space, including lush green spaces for relaxation and leisure.

Services & Entertainment :

-Mini Market -Restaurants

-Security : Cameras, parking gates... -Summer sitting area next to the pool side

-Recreation area -24h/24 electricity

All the facilities for a comfortable, cozy and pleasant accommodation have been provided in the hotel.

The project sits on a hill with varying levels so that every chalet can enjoy an extraordinary view of the Lebanese coast and the Kesrouan villages under the hill from Beirut to Sad Shabrouh in addition to a magnificent view view of the Kfardebian valley.

For ski and winter sports enthusiasts, the complex also enjoys the ultimate advantage of being within great proximity to the ski slopes. Our primary aim is to make you feel totally comfortable, calm and relaxed in your serene mountain getaway.

The units are designed to blend in harmony with the ambient atmosphere of the Faqra mountain landscape.

Natural stones, wood, stainless steel and tiles are the main materials used for cladding, and provide a warm rural atmosphere in the spirit of a small village.

You donít have to worry about where to park in Faqra Hills complex. Every unit has its own parking in the basement level in addition to external spaces where your guests can park their cars.

Hotel rooms are designed to give comfort so that every guest can enjoy the view, the services, the luxury and all the services provided by Faqra Hills.