mountain resort lebanon

Faqra Hills is a unique private residential project perched on the hills overlooking Faqra mountain resorts. This cozy getaway offers breataking views of the Lebanese mountainside, Beirut and the Mediterranean coast. Imagine a place with the power to calm and relax your senses instanty, a place far away from city stress and noise pollution.
Turn the key, take a deep breath and step inside, you'll sense right away that you've entered a warm, delightful and peaceful you can call home Situated in Mount Lebanon, at an elevation of 1700m, Faqra is unique for its remarkable ancient ruins, which include temples, columns, altars and rock out tombs. Its distinctive setting has inspired a number of ancient civilizations to build shrines and places of worship that are still sanding to this day.
Residents and visitors alike take to Faqra not only for its fresh clean air and breathtaking views. It is also a private ski resort overlooking Beirut and the beautiful Bay of Jounieh.